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1911 Work

Fit Custom Trigger                                     $35
Trigger Job                                                    $95
Tighten and Fit Slide/ Frame*               $175
Fit NM Slide/ Frame                                   $100
Fit Match Barrel                                           $100+
Fit Match Bushing                                       $45
Tune Extractor                                             $35
Polish Ramp and Throat                          $45
Lower and Flare Ejection Port*             $65
Cut Front Dovetail Sight*                         $65
Cut Slide for Novak Rear Sight*             $125
Dehorn*                                                            $95
Fit Beavertail*                                                $95
Fit Thumb Safety                                          $35
Bevel Mag Well*                                            $45
Install Solder On Mag Well*                     $125
Cut Front Serrations*                                 $95
Flat Top and Serrate Slide*                     $145
Undercut Trigger Guard*                          $85
Checker Front Strap*                                 $250
Stipple Front Strap*                                   $100
French Border*                                             $65
Flush Slide Stop*                                         $65
Ball Cut Slide*                                               $75

I am also an authorized installer of 
Stan Chen's Gen. II Magwell
Cost of installation *                                  $200

Items marked with * will require refinishing.                                             

1911 Packages

Standard Carry-$800.00
Includes: Fitting Trigger, Trigger Job, Tune Extractor, Polish Ramp & Throat, Lower & Flare Port, Front Dovetail, Rear Novak Cut, Dehorn, Fit Beavertail, Fit Thumb Safety, Bevel Mag Well, Satin Finish  (Price does not include parts)

Elite Carry-$1150.00
Includes Standard Carry Package plus: Tighten & Fit Slide/ Frame, Fit Match Barrel, Fit Bushing  (Price does not include parts)


Satin or Matte Blue                                   $135
400 Polish & Blue                                       $175
Satin or Matte Stainless                          $95
400 Polish Stainless                                  $125
Duracoat or Cerakote                              $145
Slow Rust Blue                                            $300+
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