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Custom 1911 work

First, a little about me. I have been gunsmithing since 1997 and engraving since 2003. I started building custom 1911s in 1998 and have continued to refine my skills in both machining and hand work. I currently teach classes on 1911 customization, revolver tuning and engraving for gunsmithing students at Colorado School of Trades.

 I take great pride in producing top notch custom pistols for my customers whether it is a simple tune up or a full custom build from the frame up. While I spend a good deal of time on the "looks" of the pistol, function is of the utmost importance. Anything less than 100% reliability is unacceptable to me. My pistols are built using a combination of precision machining and methodical handwork.

Engraving Services

All of the work I do is one of a kind, designed especially for YOU, the customer. I would be happy to discuss any project you may have in mind. I offer several styles of scroll, including American, English, German and bank note. Bulino game scenes and precious metal inlay along with many styles of lettering are also available. In addition to the traditional engraving styles mentioned above, I also offer tribal, flame and tattoo art engraving. To receive a price quote on your job, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The time required to complete your custom job will vary depending on the amount of coverage, complexity of the design and the amount work already in process. An estimate will be provided along with the price quote.

I also offer hand polishing and metal prep services, Belgian, rust and nitre bluing along with hot blue. Metal preparation involves not only polishing the metal to the desired finish but also truing flats, squaring corners, etc. Older classics that have been worn or even new guns that came from the factory a little "out of true" are perfect candidates for prep and polish.

Rust bluing is a favored finish for engraving because it actually highlights the engravers work. It is however a very time consuming process and can take a week or more to complete. Belgian bluing is faster version of the rust process that produces very nice results in a much shorter amount of time. Hot blue duplicates modern factory bluing. I have also added Cerakote and Duracoat to my available finishes and stock a number of colors of each finish.

I post photos of work in progress, machine set ups, etc, on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to click on the links below if you want to see more.
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